Monica Sartini has graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Bologna and has worked since then as producer for numerous festivals and theatres: Teatro Petrella in Longiano, Drodesera Festival at Centrale Fies in Dro, SI FEST Savignano

After obtaining his degree in Political Sciences at the University of Bologna in 1992, Tonino Rossi has attended several training courses at Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione in Modena, including Communications and Entertainment Marketing. Tonino worked for several years as HR

Lisa Gilardino is a performing arts curator and manager. She has been in charge with the promotion and international PR of Lenz Rifrazioni theatre group and has worked as Head of Production and Artistic Advisor at Natura Dei Teatri Arts

Graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Bologna, Roberto Naccari has been directing both performing arts and cinema’s institutions. Entrusted with the Managing Direction of Santarcangelo Festival in 1995, Roberto moved to Festival delle Nazioni at Città di Castello

Eva Neklyaeva is a curator based in Santarcangelo and Helsinki. She is concerned with the questions of freedom and focuses her practice on exploring them through performing art, politics and sexuality. Eva is the artistic director of Santarcangelo Festival, the