Working at Drugo more since March 2015 as a Program Coordinator and Executive Producer, taking part in organization of festivals, conferences, exhibitions, lectures and round tables, with the main focus on public relations (editing and creating content for Drugo more's official website,

Working at Drugo more since 2005 as a Program Coordinator and Producer, leading production and managing organisational aspects of majority of Drugo more’s programs. Education: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, M.A. in Croatian Language and Literature.  

Working at Drugo more since 2011 as a program coordinator, with a main focus on coordination and management of international projects and international collaborations. Working on implementation and setup of Drugo more’s artistic programs. Education: Faculty of Humanities and Social

Cultural worker and a Director of the non-profit organisation Drugo More, where his work ranges from programme selection to executive production, including fundraising and PR. He is also working as a researcher of the cultural sector, actively participating in the