Critical Reflections

The media space as we once knew it is eroding. Journalists in the field of art have difficulty finding resources for having time, financial resources to travel outside their local environment, resources to fund their work or get a decent pay and resources to publish. We take this project as a terrain to change not only modes of productions and art pieces, but also as a terrain where we create different working conditions. We tried to – at least for a brief moment in time – give the invited journalists these resources.

In that way the network benefits from in-depth texts that do not just serve as a communication tool to reach the public but also as an evaluation tool.

In the frame of the CtC -> CtI project we invited 14 young journalists coming from countries of the partner organizations to cover various network activities. The invited journalists published 17 in-depth analysis/observations/critics in the media in their countries (in newspapers, on radio, on-line)… Their articles/blogs on network’s activities are now re-published here.