WERC / Very Theatre: The place where we meet

22 & 23 August 13:00 & 16:00
Forum Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
In the frame of NorderZomerProgramma

Breaking boundaries between the digital and physical worlds
Over a brief space of time, the world has become much smaller. More than ever before, billions of people are communicating with one another via (anonymous) screens. Thanks to technological developments, by now we are able to use this method to even transfer emotions and sensory stimuli, yet something is still always missing. What does remain (and what is lost) when we use screens to communicate with one another? In The place where we meet, theatre makers Very Theatre (Taipei, Taiwan) and WERC artists collective (Groningen) explore the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds: Where does one world end and the other begin? Simultaneously in Groningen and Taipei, two dancers (Mohamed Yusuf Boss and YU Yen-Fang) will be dancing their way through a spatial and partially digital art installation. The space where the audience will be in Groningen will melt into the surrounding digital world via a live connection with Taiwan. Can we actually say there is a boundary between these worlds?


Director / Concept: CHOU Tung-Yen
Choreography / Concept / Performer: YU Yen-Fang
Sound concept: HSU Yen-Ting, LIN Yu-De
Technical director / Light: WU Hsia-Ning
Producer: Neo WU
Production manager: WU T.J
Stage producer: WU Ko-Yun, WU Po-Shan
Production management: CHENG Ming-Fang
Assistant producer: CHANG Yen-Ning, HUANG Yung-Han
Marketing: CHEN Ling
Video documentation: HUANG Chia-Wen, CHANG Xiao-Tien
Video photography: CHOU Ko-Min, CHIN Zhen-Pan, JUAN Hsiang-Wen
Photography: LEE Hsin-Che, Terry LIN, TANG Chien-Che
Rehearsal Journal: TANG Hsuan

The Netherlands
New media / Concept: WERC Collective
Performer: Mohamed Yusuf Boss, Juersson Hermanus
Dramaturgy: Judith Blankenberg
Creative producer: Jaukje van Wonderen
WERC intern: Vincent Westra
Production: Very Theatre, WERC Collective
Coproduction: Grand Theatre Groningen
With the support of: The Rainbow Initiative, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW), ‘TAIWAN Top’ 2019 performing art groups, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW), Fonds Podiumkunsten, Kunstraad Groningen
With special thanks to: WANG Ning, TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, LEE Kuo-Han, CHU Pei-Rong, CHEN Yen-Pin, HUANG Wen, HUANG Huai-De, YANG Yan-Chun, TENG Hsiang-Ting, Yang’s Ensemble