Vanda Velagić: My supermom and her superhero friends

Photography and video performance of up to 4 minutes.


Vanda Velagić’s video performance offers knowledge regarding the instructions and methods that her super-heroines, her mother and her two best friends, used while fighting the enemy. The enemy in their lives was not a physical villain, but was physically manifested as the reality of their lives – the illness they had to fight in order to stay alive, while also having to deal with a terrible healthcare system. The photos show them wearing superhero makeup, striking superhero poses, showing their deep scars and wounds from their battles. The artist finds many similarities between their life stories and superheroes.

Vanda Velagić is a performer, actress, producer and photographer, born in Rijeka, Croatia. In her works she deals with representing different female narratives, poverty, social injustice, ecology and the limits to the freedom of artists.