Noorderzon &Society

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen, the Netherlands
summer 2021

In 2017-2020, we committed to making our festival platform even more meaningful by expanding our in-depth context programme. We select our programme for a reason: why does this story need to be told and where do these ripples in the water lead to? This context programme – led by producer Henk Bothof and director Femke Eerland – has been a great success from the start; from discussion to debate, from lecture to lecture performance. With our new &Society line, we are creating an accessible environment in which various themes are addressed for a wide audience – whether or not linked to the performing arts programme – that are stimulating, unexpected, resonate deeply and are widely supported. Not only by sharing knowledge with each other, but also in other exciting forms.

In 2021, these was Noorderzon’s &Society programme:
– Noorderzon &Society – Wild van het nieuwe eten
– Noorderzon &Society – Vrijheid van meningsuiting
– Noorderzon &Society – To be (with) a machine
– Noorderzon &Society – Nieuwe Nederlanders
– VRIJ- & Friends – VRIJ-en op Noorderzon
– Raoul Heertje i.s.m. Nederlands Theater Festival – In gesprek met nieuw publiek. Of niet.
– De Crisis Voorbij i.s.m. Research Centre for Arts in Society / RUG | Interviewreeks met o.a. Micha Wertheim, Willem Schinkel en Peter Michiel Schaap, waarin we de effecten van de crisis onderzoeken
– Barend van Heusden, Diamanda La Berga Dramm i.s.m. Studium Generale Groningen en Soundsofmusic – De ervaring verbeeld: kunst, ook in tijden van corona [cancelled]
– Auke-Florian Hiemstra i.s.m. Studium Generale Groningen – Meet and greet de monsters uit de diepzee
– Platform GRAS en De Linkse Mannen Lossen Het Op – De stad verworden tot kassa
– UMCG | HANNN | RUG | Hanzehogeschool | Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health | Gemeente Groningen | Alfa College | Noorderpoort College – Veerkracht
– Glasnost – Voor De Zon


photo: Jan Westerhof