Newsletter Interventions

Newsletter Interventions by Jaka Železnikar are an artistic and communicative experiment embedded into the Create to Connect -> Create to Impact Newsletter, Experiment consist of two parts: first, series of small ‘images’ made by use of typography not to convey semantic meaning but to create visual structures. These visual structures are embedded into the newsletter, separating different content sections. In this way the newsletter gains both in terms of readability as content sections are clearly visually marked as well as in terms of uniqueness of the newsletter holding original creative content (especially in opposition/comparison to use of stock visuals – commonly found in commercial newsletters).

An extension to the practice described above is creation of small but obviously authored web pages reflecting on activities of a partner of the project, also exposed in the current issue of the Newsletter. So far only one such page was created, for the Santarcangelo Festival – These pages are meant as small reflections on certain events. With emphasis on use of web technologies in creative and exploratory way, as far as possible from the cliché use of web design (which brought about the internet where almost all pages look the same). While these pages are not meant to be used as a part of the public relations work, it might be used also in these channels, as original and unusual take on the subject might attract attention which is not accessible with commonplace PR and informative activities.

This work is experimental, it tries to gather as much feedback from the involved parties as possible and react to it. It was started in 2019 and will run for the whole duration of the Create to Connect -> Create to Impact project.