Marija Marjanović & Jovana Kocić Jurić: HOLE IN THE WALL; Young Olga and the Women’s Antifascist Front of Yugoslavia

Format: comic


Jovana and Marija experience an empowering effect while discovering the story of their female ancestor Olga, who was a clandestine anti-fascist activist in the WWII. It was a feminist confirmation of their intuition that there was something politically strong in their family history, although “they didn’t really know it”, since the patriarchy tends to eclipse stories of women with the more “spectacular” revolutionary endeavours of their husbands. This comic-in-progress is based on true events and the memories of Olga’s grandchildren, Jovana and Marija’s mother and aunts, namely Spomenka Nešovanović, Nada Marjanović and Olga Kocić. They were interviewed in Belgrade in 2019, to mark 8 March, International Women’s Day, which was the most important holiday for Olga.

HOLE IN THE WALL by Marija Marjanović and Jovana Kocić Jurić is a reconstruction of the memory of their great-grandmother Olga and her friends, their secret involvement in the Women’s Antifascist Front of Yugoslavia during the Second World War.

Jovana Kocić Jurić is a teacher of Serbian language and literature, writer and copywriter from Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade. In 2017 she moved to Canada, where she has been working as a teacher and writer for many clients and art projects.
Marija Marjanović is an artist and designer from Belgrade. In 2005 she graduated from the costume design programme of the Faculty of Applied Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Since 2005 she has worked on different projects in art and design and, from 2013, especially at Gugadzina (