Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
November 5 – 7, 2019 at 8.15 pm

2nd part of diptych Dying Together

Lotte van den Berg’s performance DYING TOGETHER / Earth has a premiere in Theater Rotterdam in November. This is the last part of a diptych. How does dying together give meaning to the way we are living now? In both parts of the diptych this is a central question. In the first part Lotte researches with her visitors the mutual relations as a human being and the collective dying in a disaster. In Earth Lotte will have a look at our relation with the earth and the extincttion of big and small ecosystems. It is about the relation between humans, animals and plants and researches how we value the life and death of living creatures on Earth.

Third Space
The foundation Third Space started in 2015 by Lotte van den Berg. In all the performances they make, the creation is central. A meeting place for extremes. Within the frame of art they create temporary (public) spaces wherein our social (in)ability is begin lifted, and an interpersonal process will be started.

Photo by Salih Kilic.

Concept & Direction: Lotte van den Berg (performer)
in collaboration with Floor van Leeuwen (performer), Gerindo Kamid Kartadinata (performer), Justyna Wielgus (performer), Matteo Bifulco (performer), Lukas von der Lühe (performer), Nahuel Cano (performer), Salomé Mooij (performer), Josefine Rahn (performer), Polly Lapkovskaya (composer), Vinny Jones & Breg Horemans (light and stage design), Tobias Staab (dramaturgy)
Jakob Proyer (head production), Vincent Beune (head tehnician), Kate McIntosh (artistic advice), Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Julien McHardy & Kinan Mohammad (research), Jasper van den Berg (vizuals).

Thanks to: Yola Parie, Yoka van Zuijlen, Michiel Vaanhold, Salih Kilic, Rogier Cloïn, Yke Maas, Edd Vossen, Kirsten Heshusius, Eveleen Hamers, Marten De Paepe, Danielle Hielckert.

More about the event on Theater Rotterdam’s webiste.