Lieven Scheire (Studium Generale): DNA

August 18 – 16:00 & 20:00
Grand Theatre, Gent, Belgium
In the frame of NorderZomerProgramma

An entertaining theater lecture about human genetics and how they will change your life very soon…
Science and technology are developing rapidly: Aerospace, robotics and human genetics are just a few of the areas that are moving forward with great strides. What developments are waiting at the exit of the lab to enter our daily life soon? Lieven Scheire will sort it out for you and tell you all about it. In this theater lecture he talks about our DNA and how genetics are radically changing both our self-image and our medical future. With his enthusiasm he takes you through the wonderful world of science full of amazing facts and staggering theories. You don’t have to own six degrees to follow Lieven’s wonderful stories: he knows better than anyone how to captivate an audience. Thanks to his experience as a stand-up comedian, even a lay person will find science interesting. Young people from 16 years are also welcome.

Made in collaboration with Studium Generale Groningen

photo: KREW