Lea Kukovičič: What would happen if we found them

Format: Text sculptures


‘What would happen if we found them’ is a series of text sculptures that might enable finding people who do not want to be found. The artist implicates the viewer in different imaginary situations, where the game of hide-and-seek is no longer a source of naïve entertainment, but an urgency to discover a missing part of the puzzle. The instructions that form the basis of the text sculptures are derived from the concrete situation of finding the artist’s formerly unknown grandfather and expands into further abstract possibilities that invite audience members to take part.

‘What would happen if we found them’ is a work that features text in the form of instructions on how to find people who do not want to be found and is based on the artist’s family history, which took place in former Yugoslavia.

Lea Kukovičič (1994) is a theatre-maker and deviser who leads projects by focusing on specific topics for a certain period of time. She creates temporary collectives of artists and non-artists in order to review, re-imagine and redefine the topic and protocol of attention.