Karel Hermans / Verhalen van Groningen – Anywhere But Here

August, 3-7, 2020
Oude Kijk In’t Jatstraat 50, Groningen, The Netherlands
In the frame of NoorderZomerProgramma

A travel agency appeared out of the blue in the city center of Groningen. The facade bears the name Anywhere But Here and the windows advertise one-way travels: a one-way trip to your ideal world.

“Selected especially for you.
A tailor-made final destination.
And exactly what makes you happy. ”

But what expectations must that new existence actually meet? What kind of turfs are there? And what does it take to leave everything behind? In Karel Hermans’ interactive installation Anywhere But Here you step into the world of a surrealistic travel agency for a moment. Together with a travel advisor, you will investigate what your ideal new home country could be and you will see whether you are able to make that big trip. After all, a recession is coming, and what if emigrating is one of your best options?

Concept and direction: Karel Hermans
Creative director: Joran de Boer
Assistant director: Luna van Drunen
Actors: Sybren van der Velde, Demi Dijstelberge, Wanne Buitenhuis, Merijn Kortman, Charley Tengbergen
Design: Leoni Pirenne, Louwe Noordhoff
Graphic design: Sijbren Reitsma
Thanks to: Noorderzon Festival of Performing Arts & Society, Verhalen van Groningen, René Duursma, De Noorderlingen

photo: Joran de Boer