Johannes Bellinkx: Continuum

August, 14-16 at 14:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00
Forum Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
In the frame of NorderZomerProgramma

An invitation to experience everything as a single major continuous movement
In 2018 at Noorderzon, Johannes Bellinkx and Dennis van Tilburg had visitors traverse the city backwards in a popular performance called Reverse. It gave you a new perspective of a city you knew so well. Bellinkx is now inviting everyone to go a step further: What is it like to experience everything as a single major movement? Continuüm, a theatrical cinematic experience, allows you to leave reality behind and have yourself pulled into another dimension. Once seated in the mechanically powered seats, with only a framework to look at, you see a space in movement. Just like you are. The combined effect of movement, the constantly changing screen and the play of lights all force you to abandon your frames of reference and to allow yourself to succumb to the motion. This is a movement which begins somewhere far outside us, where it also ends, perhaps never to stop. A movement like a river which keeps moving in a different manner through the landscape, infinite and inimitable.

Idea and concept: Johannes Bellinkx, in collaboration with composer Dennis van Tilburg and performance artist Tamar Blom.
Production: Jakob Proyer
Installation: Soultech-Merijn Versnel, Guido Bevers
Light: Grisha Rungen and Ellen Knops
Johannes Bellinkx belongs to makers platform SoAP Maastricht. Continuüm is a SoAP Maastricht – Space oriented Artistic Practice production, in coproduction with C-TAKT, platform for transdisciplinary talent & Feikes Huis.