IMPURE COMPANY/HOOMAN SHARIFI: Battling, Rotterdam session

23, 24 and 25 September 2021

Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Modern dancers and hip hoppers find each other in public battle

Two dance cultures, ready for the face off. They each try to trump the other with moves from their respective dancing traditions, while being enclosed by the audience.

Hooman invites three Local Heroes (Mike Walker, Amira Al Rawi, Joseph Simon) from Rotterdam to go into battle with him. He challenges dancers who have already made their mark in both the urban and contemporary dance scene to explore new moves and connections between different dance cultures.

With its distinctive body language and attitude, the hip hop scene has fueled Hooman Sharifi since he started out as a hip hop dancer. Battling is the start of a new production, a continued development of his performance Now the field is open in which hip hoppers and modern dancers were compared to each other in the areas of finance, expression and culture.

Hooman is currently a big name in the international contemporary dance scene. He was the artistic director of contemporary dance company Carte Blanche from Norway. With this project he ties his roots to his experiences in contemporary dance, inspired by the Rotterdam dance scene.