Guilherme Miotto: BALL

Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 14, 2018

As a small boy Nasser, a boy from Tilburg North, got addicted to the ball. Sometimes they are together for eight hours, he and the ball, always on the street. Nasser grows up, and as a young man he knows the secrets of ‘the ball’. He learned to understand the play and secrets, and know he want to show everyone, but also cherish the mystery.

In 2016 choreographer Guilherme Miotto and Nasser El Jacksons met each other. Guilhuirme falls for the personality of Nasser and his movingquality; a combination of charisma, service, elegance and virtuosity. He decides to make a performance with him. A trio of a man, the ball and the space.

Choreography: Guilherme Miotto
Sound: Joel Ryan
Design: Erik van de Wijdeven
Performer: Nasser El Jackson

More about the event on Theater Rotterdam website.