Kulturni dom na Sušaku, Rijeka, Croatia
26th and 27th October 2019, at 21.00

In the frame of ZOOM festival

If we bring to our memory some recent experiences that we thought would change everything – the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi lying in the sand of the Mediterranean coast, starving polar bears on a snowless surface, Madina Hussiny making faces into the camera – we will remember that we thought this experience will never leave us, and that because of these individual and collective experiences still unmovable will be moved.

An Event That Changes Everything is a performance and a public gathering in Local Board Kozala where we will spend some time together waiting for the Event That Changes Everything to happen. It will definitely happen at midnight. Let’s see how theatrical performance becomes a system in which time materializes itself in a way different from that which we can recognize in our everyday life.

Considering the rhythm, caesura, boredom, laziness, acceleration, emptying and filling of content, speculation and projection, language, multiplication and deletion of images, etc., it becomes interesting to see what is inherent to what we consider to be theatrical time and how it may differ from what determines the Time of our social conventions?

Antulov- Stojaković Olenjuk is a feminist performance collective formed in 2013. During the working process on project “Landings” (Drugo more). After working on a field of reproduction and care, they continued with theatre production: In 2019 they produced theatre play “Lolipop” (Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca). “An event that changes everything” will be their third project.

Actors: Jelena Lopatić, Aleksandra Stojaković – Olenjuk, Nebojša Zelič, Ana Marija Brđanović, Edi Ćelić, Nataša Antulov
Procedures of landscape: Tanja Blašković
Soundscape: Marko Luka Zubčić, Marin Dlaka, Bruno Velčić, Andrej Kljun, Damjan Šporčić