Lies Pauwels: Anatomy of Pain

NTGent Schouwburg, Gent, Belgium
December 9, 2019

The past hurts. The present hurts. In fact, nothing has changed. Or is pain the prophet of change?
Lies Pauwels (Het Hamiltoncomplex) directs a performance about a life with pain and pain in life. Pain as symphony, as solitary experiment, as painful blunder, eternal or acute, as demon or as relief, as label or as portent of doom. Pain is not an isolated matter, it is sometimes a way of being. This performance builds on the experiences of people who suffer from pain, both physically as well as mentally. Together with four performing artists they analyse pain and its metaphors.

Anatomie van pijn – 1 (speeldata Gent) from NTGent on Vimeo.

Anatomie van pijn – 2 (speeldata Gent) from NTGent on Vimeo.

Anatomie van pijn – 3 (speeldata Gent) from NTGent on Vimeo.