600 HIGHWAYMEN | A Thousand ways (Part two): An Encounter

Noorderzon festival, Groningen, the Netherlands
August 13 – 22, 2021

A manual for finding each other again

After a lengthy period in an already uneasy society, in which virtual meetings continue to limit or subdue our interactions, An Encounter, created by New York theatre company 600 HIGHWAYMEN, will cause you to reconsider what you think you know about someone else – or know about yourself. A small table stands in the middle of an empty space. You seat yourself at it across from a stranger. A stack of cards and instructions guide you through this private theatrical performance for two. An Encounter is the second part of the three-part A Thousand Ways, which explores the boundaries between stranger and kin, between distance and proximity, while proving that the smallest get-together can indeed yield the greatest intimacy. A touching social experience created by two award-winning theatre makers who manage to bring us together after months of isolation – since we already have everything we need: just you and me.

A Thousand Ways – Part One: A Phone Call, was a Noorderzon co-production that took place in May, in collaboration with SPRING Performing Arts Festival Utrecht.


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