La Villette

La Villette, Paris, France

La Villette or EPPGHV (Etablissement public du parc et de la grande halle de la Villette) is a public body depending on the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It oversees the management of the park de la Villette as well as the cultural program of the Grande Halle, the Chapiteaux area, the Paul Delouvrier pavilion, the WIP Villette, the Halle aux Cuirs, the Folies and the open-air areas. As part of its campaign to promote creativity, the program at La Villette encourages encounters between a variety of artistic endeavours. This includes all forms of live events: theatre, dance, music building on the park’s renowned expertise in urban culture and popular arts. One of the core missions of La Villette is to promote new forms of artistic expressions with a local, national and international impact. The park also supports emerging companies through a series of residential options.

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Create to Impact Team

Artistic director
Frédéric Mazelly, Artistic Director for the Parc and the Grande halle de la Villette, has been running the cultural season of La Villette since 2007.  He particularly pays attention to Read More