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Bunker is a non-profit organization for the realization and organization of cultural events. Bunker produces and presents contemporary theatre and dance performances, organizes different workshops and other educational programmes, carries out various research methods in the field of culture and brings together one of the most noted international festivals, the Mladi levi festival.

The aim of Bunker is to refresh and invigorate the Slovene cultural space with innovative approaches. We encourage the mobility of artists and their works both in Slovenia and abroad; and promote the intertwining of different art disciplines. We create a space, which allows the exchange of experiences, knowledge and interests among artists and various audiences. Bunker tries to stimulate discussions regarding various artistic practices and subjects; and to create artistic programmes and events that reflect upon topical social, ecological, political and cultural issues.

In 2004, Bunker was awarded the management of the Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana in Ljubljana during the public tender period initiated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The programme in the Stara elektrarna consists of theatre and dance performance productions, in an educational manner and also strictly performance based. Besides this, we are hosting other festivals, concerts and various interdisciplinary events. Bunker actively collaborates with numerous artists, theatres, festivals and networks within Slovenia and abroad.


Slomškova ulica 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


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Maja Vižin, born in 1979 in Celje, Slovenia graduated in Political Science, International Relations at the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana. After graduation she worked as an advisor at Read More
Coordinator of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact
Alma R. Selimović (1980) has a master’s degree in Management of non-profit organizations and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural studies at the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She also Read More
Head of communication
Tamara Bračič Vidmar studied Cultural studies at the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since then she worked with different artists and festivals as executive producer, Read More
Assistant communication officer
Klara Drnovšek Solina finished Secondary school for contemporary dance in Ljubljana. During her secondary school years she received recognition awards for her solo and group pieces at the Festival for Read More
Mojca Jug was born in Ptuj, Slovenia. She finished her primary and secondary education in Ptuj and from 1995 to till 2000 studied Special education at Faculty of education in Read More
Administrator and organizer