Artists Tarik Elmoutawakil, Ella Golt, Jacob V Joyce and Rudy Loewe are starting Arty Parties, a new project with the children of Canon Barnett Primary School in east London in February 2022. The artists and Artsadmin team are working with the

10 – 12 February 2022 Culturgest, Lisbon This project focuses on the lives of Portuguese anti-fascists and freedom fighters from ex-colonies such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde who, in their fights against the fascist colonial dictatorship, lived in Eastern European

12th - 18th November 2021 NT Gent, Ghent, Belgium Six young people with a reputation at school for being ‘troublemakers’ educate the audience. They have become - often unconsciously - experts in provoking the ruling authority. But this time the roles are reversed