Artists’ perspective

Within the CtC-CtI project we were collaborating with various interesting artists – Siniša Labrović, Jaka Železnikar, Adela Giurgiu, Hana Vodeb, Tanja Radež, Nada Žgank, Anja Vrhovšek, Zoran Pungerčar and Jure Lavrin, who are following the project’s activities and reflecting on them as well as commenting and reflecting on events and situations happening in the society by specifically created artistic actions. Their actions are documented and published here.

Siniša Labrović

is a former professor of Croatian language and literature and one of the most socially and politically engaged Croatian artists. Through his work, he addresses the ambiguous and painful aspects of society, such as nationalism, the vampirization of the Catholic Church, reality shows, the understanding of the past, and also the media degradation …

Jaka Železnikar

is Slovenian author of e-literature, net artist, and web developer. After his book of poetry and short stories titled 54.000 words was published in 1994 he became one of the early creative explorers of on-line world, as a practitioner of e-literature and net art. Most of his works are digital born and on-line. He holds a MA in Creative Writing and new Media from De Montfort University, UK. |

Adela Giurgiu

Adela Giurgiu is an illustrator and a graphic designer based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is working as a freelance artist with various organisations in Romania and abroad. At the moment she is a doctoral student at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. |

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Hana Vodeb

Hana Vodeb is a sociologist, researcher and a freelance artist, creating in various artistic disciplines – as a writer, actor and film maker. She created authors videos for various performances, films and projects. She is based in Slovenia.

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Zoran Pungerčar

Zoran Pungerčar is a graphic designer, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is collaborating with various museums, festivals, artists and artistic organisations, and exhibiting his artistic work in numerous exhibitions. He is 1/2 of publishing project Look Back and Laugh and 1/6 of riso art collective Riso Paradiso.

Jure Lavrin

Jure Lavrin is a freelance animator and motion designer. He creates animations for plays and short animated films, and also screams and drums in Nina Bulatovix’s band. Jure Lavrin is part of the Multipraktik collective.

Tanja Radež

Tanja Radež is a visual artist and graphic designer, who permanently supplements the two dimensions of visual communication with a third one, arising on the basis of contents and concepts. Her creative studio work has a strong focus on culture, education and science and is dedicated to co-creating contemporary spaces and events. She presented her work in numerous exhibitions.

Nada Žgank

Nada Žgank is a freelance photographer, based in Slovenia. As a documentary photographer she covers the sphere of culture and art, mainly a wide variety of performative arts as a permanent collaborator of various festivals. Her photos were published in leading Slovenian print media and at at several solo and group exhibitions.

Anja Vrhovšek

Anja Vrhovšek graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, exhibiting her works already in the time of studying. She designed various visuals, videos and co-created exhibitions.

Lea Kukovičič

Lea Kukovičič is a theater creator, but her work is often enriched and informed by political contemporary visual arts; in her creations she focuses on how art can directly influence society, the economy and politics. She creates temporary collectives of artists and non-artists who rethink and define theater. She is based in Slovenia.

Toni Soprano Meneglejte

Toni Soprano Meneglejte is an intermedia artist based in Maribor, Slovenia. Her diverse practice includes photography, sound performances, space design, scenography, drawing, video and digital projects using social media.