Santarcangelo: Round table

July 8 – 17, 2022
Piazza Ganganelli, Santarcangelo, Italy

In 1989, following numerous displays of civil dissent against the regime, the Polish government agreed to open a dialogue with the Solidarność movement and other democratic opposition groups, attempting to appease the widespread discontent. The Round Table Agreement triggered a momentous change in Poland. In every era and in different places, this object has always represented much more than a piece of furniture. Round tables invite discussion, fostering encounter, exchange, and sharing: this is why it was chosen as the characterising element of Santarcangelo during the Festival. Piazza Ganganelli will host a round table of 12 meters in diameter that will be the setting for performances and participatory events, but also an urban tool aimed at enabling encounter and dialogue with the other. An opportunity to stop and invest time, energy and sensitivity in listening, a key to experiencing the Festival with openness and willingness and fully understand others and ourselves.