Khetane festival manifesto

August 12 – 14, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Khetane is a non-commercial festival.

We want it honest and real. Something for us. For us ALL.

We want too see each other. We want to do it together. We will have concerts. Debates. Screenings. Fashion shows. Activities for children. Exhibitions. We are going at the roots.

We are doing it from nothing. As much as we put in is as much as we will take out.

Help us to feed our artists. To transport our artists. To put up the stage. We count on ourselves. This is about our humanity.

This is a different game. Any comparison with other festivals is useless. Even if we wanted to, we could not develop a triumphant discourse. It is incompatible with our existence. We refuse to overlay such a level of fake over a real community that belongs to the “five star city” except that it is always forgotten. We won’t pretend things around us are nice and well. Around us there is a ghetto.

We refuse to define success by the standards of capital. We define success as honorable and equitable. There is still hope.

We, the ones who will meet there differ radically and resemble each other radically. What divides us also unites us. We want real inclusion. We want the planned and the spontaneous. We want to express our identity. Our dignity. We want to have fun.

And we want you to come.

Khetane festival, August 12 – 14
Pata Rât, Cluj-Napoca