Freestyle Festival

3rd – 5th June 2022

La Villette, Paris, France

In June, « Périphérique » will host the Freestyle festival ; the space will become a place where arts and sports meet in a festive and joyful atmosphere.
The spotlight will be put on the disciplines and arts which are the essence of the street culture : dance, music, sliding sports, fashion, etc. Throughout the weekend, people of all ages will be able to attend dance battles, sport events, choreographed fashiow shows, parties hosted by DJs and street art performances. The festival is open to everyone and will be the perfect playground for both people looking for new experiences and for people who want to chill. The idea? Let the festival goers experience the place and make it their own. Energies, creativity and imagination will merge to create new possibilities.

Photo: Mr. Fibo

More about the Freestyle festival at La Villette’s website.