12th – 18th November 2021

NT Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Six young people with a reputation at school for being ‘troublemakers’ educate the audience.

They have become – often unconsciously – experts in provoking the ruling authority. But this time the roles are reversed and the young people take over the stage.

What does it mean to constantly be the exception? And what do the rules and expectations in our educational system tell us about the prevailing ideas of successful citizenship? In what ways is today’s education determined by work pressure, performance drive and bureaucracy? In what ways does unconscious racism still determine who gets second chances and who doesn’t? What does it take to really learn?

Dutch theatre and programme maker Lara Staal goes in search of young people who refuse to adapt and who challenge power relations. Their view holds up a mirror to us. What can we learn from that which does not suit us?

For Dissident, Lara Staal collaborates with the Ghent musician, beatboxer and performer Serdi Faki Alici. Serdi coaches the youngsters and co-creates the performance.

Dissident is a mix of live acting and documentary film material in which parents, teachers, youth workers and the school are also involved. An indictment of the mould that is present-day education, in which those who are ‘different’ and always fall by the wayside now have their say.

As the performance progresses, the stage transforms into the sanctuary the young people long for so deeply.

Cast: Eliaz Bello Medrano, Seppe Jacobs, Isaac Van Weyenberg, Siham Lamrini, Haroun Couvreur, Serdi Faki Alici

concept: Lara Staal
dramaturgy: Eline Banken
performance, coaching & music Serdi Faki Alici Laurens Aneca, Dirk Crommelinck, Saartje Cauwenberghset

design Grischa Runge

video design Pascal Poissonnier

direction assistant Katelijne Laevens

production- and tourmanager Els Jacxsens, Klaas Lievens

tour assistant & surtitles Eline Banken

technical production management Raf Willems

technical support Laurent Liefooghe, Sander Michiels

internship direction assistant Juno Kapur

with support of The Belgian Tax Shelter

photo: Michiel Devijver

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