Private Property — Access Forbidden

by Jaka Železnikar

17 – 24 October 2021

ZOOM Festival / Drugo More, RIjeka, Croatia

In 2026 all natural resources were privatised, including air and water. Also, all infrastructure was privatised. All was privatised, common resources were abandoned. Capitalism prevailed fully. Private Property — Access Forbidden displays Google Map where you can click any place to discover if you can access it or not, when access might be granted and how much the access costs.

A map of your future travels made to contemplate on commons today.

You can find the map here

Co-production: Bunker, Ljubljana

The project is realized in the framework of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI) project

Jaka Železnikar is a creative programmer, since the 1990s involved in net art and e-literature. Exhibits and publishes internationally.