Pinky Swear

Rina Barbarić
in collaboration with Koviljka Ljuština, Sara Salamon, Kristina Paunovski, Andreja Brozović & Nika Čuić

22nd and 23rd October at 8 p.m., ZOOM Festival / Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia

Pinky Swear acts as a performance and an installation in progress. It speaks of female friendship in an age of precarious occasions and reduced working conditions. The form is shaped according to shapes and materials such as metal, glass and plasticine. Metal represents determination and stability, glass honesty and sharpness, and plasticine represents playfulness and flexibility in the relationship. The materials are placed in space in relation to each other, looking for the right ratio in the artistic composition in relation to the performers and the body. The installation is created by sharp objects, women’s bodies, stretchy pieces of clothing through which the area of what is important and untouchable – but also painful – to a woman is created. The research process of emerging work includes conversation; textual exchange of personal stories; production of objects; video, light and sound inside and outside the fabric; performing with various media; improvisational images and dramaturgy of performance.

Concept and installation: Rina Barbarić

Audio-visual materials and light: Sara Salamon

Performance and stage design: Andreja Brozović Adžić-Kapitanović, Kristina Paunovski, Koviljka Ljuština

Choreography: Kristina Paunovski

Costume design: Nika Čuić

3D animations: Anamaria Cvitković

Thanks: K2K

The project is realized in the framework of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI) project