Eric Desjeux: Foofi

August 19, 2021
Pollux – Noorderplantsoen North, Groningen, The Netherlands

Foofi is the poignant tale of young Africans who make their way to Europe, fleeing from the lack of prospects mainly caused by climate change. The images and sound in this documentary are processed live, creating a sensory performance. Multidisciplinary artist Desjeux demonstrates how people can be driven to drastic decisions: departing for an unknown place, never to return. The performance is presented as a live cinematic experience in which Desjeux manipulates sounds from the surroundings, performs live music and processes his own field recordings in the film, embellishing his special story with further layers. A brief conversation with the maker and another discussion partner (to be announced) will take place prior to the performance.

Eric Desjeux is a filmmaker, musician and sound artist. He has reported from across the world, working for organisations including UNESCO, Canal+ and the Museum of Natural History in Paris. As composer and musician, Desjeux has created music for films, performing arts and other audiovisual media.