El Conde de Torrefiel: Breathe in

August 13 – 20, 2021
Groningen, The Netherlands

Innovative and surprising theatre moment for two
The Spanish El Conde de Torrefiel, an exciting collective of writers, musicians, dancers and visual artists that have firmly established a leading position within an emerging Spanish avant-garde of recent years, return for the third time to Noorderzon. This year they will be treating us to not one but two new productions. Breathe in – Se respira … was created especially during and for the lockdown period, but became an unexpected success on the international festival circuit. A theatrical pas de deux just for two people at a time, participants engage in the two most basic conventional roles known to theatre: first as performer and then as audience. As the single audience member, you watch in silence whilst your fellow human follows simple directions, both of you all the while accompanied via headphones by an absent narrator. Philosophy, simple sharing, a lightness of being. Confronted with these familiar, thousands of years old theatrical conventions, an innovative, creative and moment is created that just the two of you experience together, together and apart. We watch, and we play. A simple act made deeper by our own presence.

El Conde de Torrefiel
El Conde de Torrefiel is a Barcelona-based project headed by Tanya Beyeler Pablo Gisbert whose works are the result of an oscillation between literature, visual arts and choreography. It aims to transcend the parameters of verbal language. The duo’s most recent works focus exclusively on the 21st century and on the existing relationship between the personal and the political; more precisely, between the new forms of totalitarianism and intellectual alienation, between the sense of responsibility and personal freedom. El Conde de Torrefiel performed at Noorderzon before. This year’s edition, the group performs two different, interactive shows.

Text: Pablo Gisbert  
Sound environment: Rebecca Praga  
Voice: Tanya Beyeler  
Technical coordination: Isaac Torres  
Co-production: Santarcangelo Festival, CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cielo Drive  
With the support of: Mas Nyam Nyam, Mieres

There is 1 ticket available per performance

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