Benjamin Verdonck, who lives and works in Antwerp, began his career as an actor and is now best known as a performer, writer and visual artist. His work is a mixture of theatre, visual art and poetry. He performed at the Mladi Levi festival with wewilllivestorm and notallwhowanderarelost, where he let things – objects, forms, images – to play the main role, with The secret experimental observatory for Global Matters he was contemplating the possibility of transition to justice and permanence with together with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and with his characteristic table theatre in One More Thing. Continuum is a kind of sequel to it – few words and many strings that evenly raise and drop small curtains, coloured planes and geometric shapes, which, accompanied by a local musician, evoke an endless field of associations. The charm of such box-theatre is that its self sufficiency allows it to appear anywhere and anytime, in the living room, cafe, forest, or in the courtyard of ŠD Tabor. To surprize us, awaken us from reality, and lead us into dreamy poetics.

Creation from and by: Benjamin Verdonck
Production: Toneelhuis
Musician: Gašper Livk/FORUM I

40 minutes

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