RAQUEL ANDRE: Collection of Spectators

November 2020, Centro Cultural Malaposta, Olival Basto, Portugal
July 2021, National Theatre D. Maria II, Lisbon, Portugal

International premiere in August 2021 at BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway

Who is the spectator?
In all the projects of Collection of People, Raquel André collects spectators. She invites them to activate a direct artistic relationship with her. This has been generating an archive of images, texts and objects that now gives rise to a new collection – Collection of Spectators.
This fourth collection will be a show, a museum, a great conversation between her and the witnesses who were affected by her work. This collection gives rise to a multidisciplinary project that is active in 3 moments: the website collectionofspectators.com; Espectador_Espectador_ an artistic programme at Centro Cultural Malaposta, in November 2020 and the world premiere of Colecção de Espectador (Collection of Spectators) as, at the National Theatre D. Maria II, Lisbon, in July 2021.
collectionofspectators.com is a website of instructions that proposes your interaction and participation. André wants to collect you as a spectator of art, a spectator of life and of this world, a spectator of the here and now.

Site release 20th October 2020.
collectionofspectators.com by Raquel André
Creation: António Pedro Lopes, Bernardo de Almeida e Raquel André
Web design: Sérgio Couto
Videos: Afonso Sousa
Production: Missanga
Artistic Collaboration: Joana Brito Silva
Support: BeSpectative, CML, CCMalaposta e DGartes – Governo de Portugal
Espectador_Espectador_ is an artistic programme project at Centro Cultural Malaposta, in Odivelas (Lisbon), with workshops, conferences, talks, performances and an exhibition.

From 18th to 29th November 2020, Malaposta will host several meetings around the project that invite active participation, artistic experimentation, discussion and retrospective of the Collection of People.

Espectador_Espectador_ by Raquel André
Creation: António Pedro Lopes, Bernardo de Almeida, Cláudia Gaiola & Raquel André Expography Sérgio Couto
Production: Missanga
Support: Fundação GDA e CCMalaposta

Collection of Spectators is a performance in which Raquel André will share the stage with other people and put herself in play with spectators to create an archive of testimonies of artistic experiences. The premiere will take place at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Lisbon in July 2021. And the international premier will be in Bergen at BIT Teatergarasjen in August 2021.

Collection of Spectators by Raquel André
Creation: António Pedro Lopes, Cláudia Gaiolas & Raquel André
Production: Missanga
Light Design: Carin Geada
Costume: José António Tenente
Co-production: Teatro Nacional D.Maria II (PT), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO) – within the frame of the network Create to Connect -> Create to Impact, co-funded by the Creative Eurpoe Programme of the Eurpoean Union

How to keep someone ?
Rio de Janeiro, 2014. Raquel André asked a stranger to go to his house and photograph her as if she was part of his intimacy. It was the beginning of Collection of People, a collection of 4 projects: Lovers, Collectors, Artists and Spectators.
All the collections are accumulating. In every city she goes, she collects more people. From these one-to-one meetings, she creates shows, performances, conferences, books and exhibitions to create her own archive of the ephemeral.

photo: Tiago Jesus Brás