20th February 2021 – 13th April 2021

Five young people with a reputation at school for being ‘troublemakers’ teach the audience.

Unintentionally, they have become experts in challenging the prevailing authorities. But this time the roles are reversed and it is their turn to take centre stage.

What does it mean to always be the odd one out? What do today’s rules and expectations in secondary schools tell us about the predominating ideas surrounding successful citizenship?

The Dutch theatre and programme maker Lara Staal goes in search of young people who refuse to conform and provoke power structures. Their gaze forces us to reflect on ourselves. What can we learn from things that are inconvenient?

For Dissident, Lara Staal collaborates with musician, beatboxer and performer Serdi Faki Alici. Serdi will coach the youngsters as well as co-develop the final performance.

Lara Staal is a Dutch artist- curator, researcher and writer. In 2016, together with visual artist Jonas Staal, she developed Congres van de Utopie in Frascati Theater ( Amsterdam). This was followed by, among others, De Avond van de Woede (with rapper Gideon Everduim) and Europe on Trial (with human rights activist Yoonis Osman Nuur). Besides her work as curator and program maker, she also writes for trade journals such as rekto:verso, Theatermaker, Mister Motley and Etcetera. Besides this project, she develops The State of… series during three seasons at NTGent.

concept: Lara Staal
dramaturgy: Eline Banken
video design: Pascal Poissonnier
set design: Grischa Runge
direction assistant: Katelijne Laevens
production management: Sebastiaan Peeters
technical team production: Oliver Houttekiet
coaching & performance: Serdi Faki Alici
internship direction assistant: Annelies Joostens, Dirk Crommelinck, Saartje Cauwenbergh
with support of : The Belgian Tax Shelter

photo: Michiel Devijver

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