Mladi levi festival 2020

August 22 – 29, 2020
Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year, like everything around us, also Mladi Levi International Festival will be a little different, concentrated on finding and promoting exceptional local artists. During the corona lock down Bunker crew decided to invite eleven artists to create new ideas of possible (or impossible) aristic works and this year’s festival will feature some of these new productions by interesting local artists, among which Mirjana Medojević and Jaka Andrej Vojevec. Slovene artists of the younger generation will also be presented with their new projects, among them Brina Klampfer, Nika Švab, Luka Martin Škof, Tery Žeželj and Ivana Vogrinc Vidali. Even if in a lesser degree, Mladi Levi 2020 will stay international! The festival will host among others the Italian artist Francesca Grilli with her performance Sparks, which was created last year in the frame of CtC -> CtI at the Santarcangelo festival; Swiss artist Boris Nikitin, Belgian artists Benjamin Verdonck (tbc) and Davis Freeman, French circus performer Camille Boîtel, the all Balkan band MAiKA and the Austrian-Bosnian collective God’s Entertainment.

Mladi Levi will comment on the current situation in the society and the wider consequences of the pancemic through a series of philosophical and artistic conversations.

More about the programme soon at

photo: Nada Žgank