Transfert per Kamera

A project by Filmmaker festival

July 15 – 19
Santarcangelo, Italy

The title Transfert per Kamera is taken from Alberto Grifi’s film of the same name, dedicated to Aldo Braibanti’s multimedia workshop. It is not a cinematic version, nor mere filmed documentation: rather, an encounter where the audio-visual image moves ’towards’ the theatrical operation and revolves around it in search of a dialogue. “Humanise the machine,” as Braibanti writes, “tear it from the insidious tentacles of alienation and bring it back inside of us”. This is what – ambitiously – we will try to do: offer eccentric points of view that give back the ‘breath’ of a machine that makes the body/eye become participant. To produce this project, we have involved some of the most curious and adventurous young filmmakers we know – Chiara Caterina, Maria Giovanna Cicciari, Riccardo Giacconi, Enrico Maisto, Leandro Piccarella – asking each of them to measure themselves against on-stage performances at Santarcangelo 50. From the meeting will come works that, in addition to catching the birth and development of a theatrical form in flagrante delicto, will bear witness to the intimately productive nature of the festival, a place of fertile meetings and triggering machine of ideas for new shows, new reflections, new films. A first version of the works will be aired on Rai Tre, in a special night of “Fuori orario. Cose (mai) viste” (After hours. Things (never) seen) and then presented at the Riccione TTV Festival and Filmmaker festival in Milan, which will stand alongside Santarcangelo Festival as co-producers of the project.

More on Santarcangelo’s homepage.

curated by Matteo Marelli and Luca Mosso – Filmmaker festival
coproduction: Riccione Teatro – Riccione TTV Festival