Creating, connecting and making an impact during coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown that was imposed by many countires as one the measures to stop the spreading of COVID-19 hit the culture sector hard. Peformances were cancelled, producitons halted – as well as many of the research procesess if they couldn’t be transferred in the sphere of video-conferences, theatre buildings had to close their doors from the public and many of the cultural sector workers now work from home.

However this is not the time when we would go blunt. Partners of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact project are finding new ways in which they can reach out to the public. Adapting to the situation and finding new space for artistic expression.

Partners are forming new communities online where ideas of free artisitc expression, freedom of information and solidarity are being shared and disseminated.

Santarcangelo: DREAM SUQ

The market of dreams – DREAM SUQ سوق الأحلام – by Santarcangelo, is offering a temporary common space where the commerce of goods is replaced by the exchange of DREAMS (shared in many forms, written, painted, made in solitude or activated in networks)…
It is a Facebook group and an online platform, an open box for proposals, dreams-visions, artistic, artisanal, local and international. An informal lbyrinth where to express, exchange, suggest, share knowledge and practices: a market with no currency, or whose only currency is solidarity in the solitude of this moment.

Arts and Theatre Institute: THEATRE NIGHT

A Facebook page from one of the CtI supported activities carried out by Arts and Theatre Institute grew to become a platform for sharing activities that theatres had carried out. Theater Night Facebook profile shares a broad range of activites connected to culutre that you can enjoy in during the lockdown. From online ballet classes to online concerts and performances, the platform keeps you informed about the Czech cultural sphere in the times of social distancing.

Public Art Platform Tbilissi: COMMUNITY RADIO TBILISI

This CtC->CtI activity started as rather small scale comunnity radio but it turns out that radio is a brilliant medium for sharing knowledge and artistic performances in it’s original – audio – form during the lockdown. The CtC->CtI partners decided to contribute their own materials to the Community radio Tbilisi programme. Soon you will be able to hear international lectures, music, performanes and more!


Bunker decided to open it’s archive during the lockdown. Under the hashtag #gledališčeskauča (#couchtheatre) every week Bunker shares one of the performances it produced or hosted on Mladi levi festival.