September 28 – 28, 2019
Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal

In her book, The Generation of Postmemory, Marianne Hirsch defines the concept of “postmemory” as the relationship that one generation has with the experiences of the previous generation, transmitted through the stories, images and behaviour of those she grew up with. A kind of second-hand memory. In The Children of Colonialism, Hotel Europa investigates the relationship that the generations born after the 25 April revolution have with Portuguese colonialism. The show will be performed by the interviewed people (non-actors) that will discuss their own biographies and the memories that were transmitted to them from these times. This performance offers a profound reflection on how the colonial past is manifested in Portugal and Europe nowadays, and in the movements that still require the decolonization of the history and thought of the old imperial countries.

Creation: André Amálio
Co-creation, movement: Tereza Havlíčková
With: Celise Manuel, Cláudia Cláudio, Joana Mealha dos Santos, Paulo Estrela Janganga, Patrícia Cuan, Soraia Ismael
Scenography, Costumedesign: Maria João Castelo
Light design, Thenical direction: Joaquim Madaíl
Production management: Joana Costa Santos
Production: Hotel Europa
Co-production: Culturgest
Special thanks to: Biblioteca de Marvila, DeVIR/CAPa – Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Largo Residências, O Espaço do Tempophoto: Vera Marmelo