August 19 – 22, 2019
Noorderzon, Groningen, The Netherlands

Illustrious figures often do not understand things. Sometimes the big themes of life, sometimes even the small daily things. That is why they also investigate what they are not, in a mix of theatrical scenes and an open conversation with the audience. This year, women’s suffrage in the Netherlands exists 100 years. Does it have to be extended or has it been enough? Illustere Figuren Joran de Boer, Zen Roorda and Joeso Peters investigate where the woman is now and where she should go; back to the kitchen counter or to the femme crature! Because, the more you know about something, the more you know you actually know nothing. So let’s say we know a great deal about women’s suffrage: we are professional outsiders.

Co-produced by De Verhalen van Groningen and Noorderzon.

photo: Niels Knelis Meijer

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