Marco Chenevier – This work about the orange

21 – 23 August, 2019
Ophelia Tent, Groningen, The Netherlands
In the frame of Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival.

Daring and humoristic dance experiment challenges audience

Have you ever felt the urge to get up during a performance and join in? Or to provide a running commentary? Or to dance along? How far would you ever go? Marco Chenevier – the surprise hit at Noorderzon in 2017 – is returning this year with Elena Pisu to engage you in an experiment. Both dancers have their choreography regularly interrupted by a robotic voice instructing the audience to undertake assignments. Such as: who is unscrupulous enough to let the lactose-intolerant theatre maker down a glass of milk for a five euro reward? And who would feel the urge to shout ‘Stop’ and end up with an empty wallet? The dancers adopt the most painful poses in order to confront you with themes such as morality, power relationships, and good and evil, in an age when we are wont to sell our soul to the devil for a beggarly amount.

Director: Marco Chevenier
Dancers: Marco Chevenier, Elena Pisu
Light: Andrea Sangiorgo
Production: Aldes en TiDa
Coaching: Roberta Nicolai, Roberto Castello
Technology: Gonzalo Córdoba Estévez, Tatiana Mladineo, Luciana Peralta Coproduction | With the support of the MIBAC-Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley, the Performing Arts Residency of the Lazio Region and Spam!