Space @ Mladi Levi Festival

16 May & 24 – 31 August, 2019

Mladi Levi Festival, Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2019 we are developing our Space to Connect program, which is connected to The Old Power Station and our wish to make it a more open, accessible and vivid space through various (artistic) interventions.

In The Old Power Station we are preparing:

*The Neighbour’s Day // 16 May, 2019

In cooperation with Tone Čufar Primary School and many other cultural and educational organizations of the Tabor neighbourhood, we are organizing Neighbour’s Day, a day dedicated to neighbourly socializing and networking. Socializing helps to build quality relations and solidarity, cooperation, intergenerational integration and a sense of community. With all‑day events, we are trying to connect people of all generations who live, work or visit the Ljubljana’s neighbourhood Tabor. Various activities take place at various venues throughout Tabor, with the main event hosted by The Old Power Station.

*Guided tours through The Old Power Station

These are guided by invited artists or Bunker’s crew, organised in connection to artistic events in the Power Station. By June 2019 there were such tours 15 realized, the following ones will be realized in August, during the Mladi Levi Festival.

*Audio induction loop system

We will install an induction hearing loop into The Old Power Station, which is an assistive listening technology for people with reduced ranges of hearing and this way we will try to make Power Station more accessible to all the people with hearing dissabilities.

*Mladi Levi Festival Opening // 24 August, 2019

On the festival opening day, we will organize a cooking workshop with the elderly, run by one of the famous Slovene chefs. The food prepared will be served at the festival opening party at the square in front of The Old Power Station.

*Urša Vidic: THE WALL, installation opening // 31 August, 2019

The Old Power Station is an iconic building in Ljubljana that celebrate its 121st anniversary this year. Its chimney is one of the city’s landmarks. The Old Power Station leads a double life – it is still the electric heart of Ljubljana, but at the same time also serves as a theatre. Sometimes though, its theatre role is somehow invisible, hidden deep in its bowels. Therefore, we have decided to mark the art’s presence in the Power Station from the outside as well. And what better way to do it than with art?

*Mladi Levi Festival Closing event // 31 August, 2019

We will finish the festival in style, gathering festival artists as well as local community members and inhabitants of Tabor Quarter in Ljubljana to celebrate the ending of the 22nd Mladi Levi Festival and the beginning of a new, 15th theatre season in The Old Power Station.

*A Book of Memories in the Old Power Station // 24 – 31 August, 2019

As children we used to draw in eachother’s Books of Memories, so we would have something small to remember our friends by, the fact that we used to sit in the same class room and run in the same school yard… We are preparing a Book of Memories for The Old Power Station, where all the visitors will be invited to share their memories of the place, or the art they have experienced, or the people, they have met. And we will keep the memories for future visitors in future years…