13 July 2019,
17:00 – 19:00 & 21:00 – 23:00

Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal

Culturgest has invited a group of institutions and organisations involved in artistic education to take part in a multidisciplinary residence, set to take place in different spaces of its premises between May and July, 2019. The residency is freely inspired by the concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone: theorised by the philosopher Hakim Bey, this notion describes the creation of occasional events at which, for a brief while, it would be possible to suspend and elude the forces and structures that condition our way of living and acting as a community. These zones would offer the opportunities for debate and experimentation that are needed to think about and try out alternative models.

The project is designed to open up a mental and physical space where students of the various artistic disciplines could exchange ideas and, in this way, respond to the increasingly multidisciplinary and multifarious practices of professional creation. On Saturday 13 July, we invite the public to discover the results of this experience in a program of presentations, improvisations, encounters and debates. The detailed programme will be announced some days before the event.