Wunderbaum: The National Song

April 25 – May 26, 2019
Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherland

Everywhere in Europe the idea of a nation is getting popular. In the National song, Wunderbaum asks, why people feel more and more attracted to music of their own country. The music which connects us and brings us back to where we came from. Is every member country only singing its own songs soon?

Together with the Rotterdam choirs Koor op Zuid, Operakoor Ropera aan de Maas and Popkoor PuurZangEnzo, Wunderbaum is putting up a night full of singalongs; hits, classics, tearjerkers, folksongs and national popsongs: everything will be there.

The National song will be at the same time developed in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands with local choirs.

Choirs: Koor op Zuid, Operakoor Ropera aan de Maas en Popkoor PuurZangEnzo

photo: Lucia Chiaudano

More about the performance on Theater Rotterdam website.