Daria Bukvic: Our Street

April 25 and 26, 2019
Theater Rotterdam & Het Nationaal Theater, Den Haag, Netherlands

Our Street si about a street, somewhere in a city, somewhere in Europe. A street like any other, with an evening store, a laundry and citizens who share a front door, but not their lives. In three big scenes you see how time travels through the street. During the evening we get to know nine residents. We see how their lives develop within twelve years. And how the street develops around them: people move, love stories exist, babies are born, elderly die. Nothing stays the same, but life goes on.

Visitors of the performers are sitting around the actors on the stage. Between the scenes and after the performance snacks and drinks will be shared. Following an intimate performance from this close is an unforgettable theatre experience.

Authors: Scott Beekhuizen, Ali Çifteci, Joy Delima, Tamar van den Dop, Antoinette Jelgersma/Marisa van Eyle, Yela de Koning, Nazmiye Oral, Romana Vrede, Stefan de Walle, Mark Lindeman

photo: Sanne Peper